I cant believe I've left it so long to review. Ive been coming here for 10 or is it 15 years? Not only is the advice and assistance with spectacles faultless, once, when Jan noticed something and had to refer me, he took a genuine, detailed and long term interest in my health. You are in safe hands here.

Gary Fooks Avatar Gary Fooks

Jan and his team are very friendly but professional. The know their stuff.

davokor Avatar davokor

Excellent service

Thea Soons Avatar Thea Soons

My optometrist (Craig) is a highly knowledgeable and experienced optometrist whom I have been seeing since 2008. I won't go anywhere else!

Acram Taji Avatar Acram Taji

You could not find better care for your eyes anywhere. The eye care and the service from the team is exceptional.

Karen Carr Avatar Karen Carr

Jan is a great optometrist who knows his stuff. The shop has a good selection of frames, plus his team will take good care of you and wont push you to purchase any unnecessary items.

Mart A Avatar Mart A


Damon Johnstone Avatar Damon Johnstone

Great team, always very helpful.

Mark Kruse Avatar Mark Kruse

Excellent customer service. Prompt response and customer experience. Boom gate number is 1137

Ganesh Rajendran Avatar Ganesh Rajendran

I was having problems with visual migraines leading to kaleidoscope type patterns in my eyes. Jan supplied some glasses that have pink colored lenses that fixed the problem and no more migraines !! Excellent - go and see them and give it a try.

Karen Poad Avatar Karen Poad

Excellent customer service. I would strongly recommend Insight Optometrists.

Mradula Diamond Avatar Mradula Diamond

Excellent customer service. Prompt response and customer experience. Boom gate number is 1137

Ganesh Rajendran Avatar Ganesh Rajendran

My husband and I have been going to Craig for many years and thoroughly recommend him

Merilyn Gunton Avatar Merilyn Gunton

It was a happy day when I found Insight Optometrists on Google. It wasn't until I was treated for dry eye that I realised how much discomfort I'd unnecessarily been living with. Dry eye treatment really works in my case (and much to my relief). I'm educated now on what my eyes are doing at this stage of my life, and what my options are. The staff really know their stuff and are lovely to deal with as well.

Janelle Mullaly Johnstone Avatar Janelle Mullaly Johnstone

The team at Insight Optometrists were exemplary in their personalised service and their attention to detail was fantastic! Highly recommended!

Brenton Nicholls Avatar Brenton Nicholls

Needed an urgent appointment to remove something irritating my eye at short notice. Fitted me in quickly, removed the object effectively and provided a much needed general check up - overall very comfortable experience - strongly recommend!

Ollie Avatar Ollie

Fine staff, knowledgable care.Recommended

Jay North Avatar Jay North

Literally felt like I already knew all the staff in there, the first time I met them. Super friendly, very helpful and professional. Even though I live about 60km away, I will always go to them. Thank you Stacey. You are not only very pretty but you have a beautiful personality as well. Its always a great feeling talking to you on the phone or in person. Appreciate you and everyone at Insight. Keep up the great work.

Morris Yawane Avatar Morris Yawane

My first visit to Insight Optometrists was a very impressive experience - every team member provided Exceptional Service. Thank you for looking after me - Zehra, Noreen and Steve. Appreciate the care and help yesterday.

Grace Chin Avatar Grace Chin

My family has been seeing Dr. Jan Coetzee for the past 10 years, and I'd TOTALLY recommend him. I recently went back to see him after a very stressful and dissatisfied visit to an ophthalmologist. He spend 40 minutes clarifying the diagnosis, and called another ophthalmologist for a second opinion, rather than just referring me to him to get further confused with medical jargons. He then explained the diagnosis and treatment options to me in layman language and made sure I understood everything. He did not send me home until he was assured I was calm and happy with all the explanations. And he then bulked billled me instead of his normal visit charge. Who does that? Only a doctor who truly cares for his patients. Super friendly, helpful and considerate staff as well :) Totally recommend Dr. Coetzee and Insight Optometrists.

Shirin Jamarani Avatar Shirin Jamarani